UCB publishes the lists of the winning candidates of the third round


Lajmet më të fundit

Kërko postime

Kërkimi i postimeve do të funksionojë vetëm kur ju të vendosni minimalisht 5 karaktere për rezultatin që keni kërkuar.


The University College of Business is pleased to announce the list of winning candidates during the third round of application at UCB.The registrations will be carried out from 28 October –       2 November, 2022 at the secretaries of University College of Business.


  1. Notarized copy of your ‘Matura Shtetërore’ diploma and grades transcript;
  2. Copy of ID or Passport
  3. 2 photographs
  4. The registration payment mandate
  5. First installment or the full fee payment mandate

Below the list of winning candidates according in the respective faculties

Good luck to all graduates!
UCB is your choice and it’s you that decide for your future!

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