Student Government

The Student Government is the body that represents and protects student interests. The Student Government is democratically elected every two years by the students themselves as well as under the supervision of a special group of professors. The goals of the Student Government are: Continuous involvement of students in various social / cultural activities, student conferences, sports activities, local and international competitions; Encouraging and involving students in competitions outside the institution; Drafting and creating various project proposals; Organizing counseling and orientation meetings for students; Involvement in various discussions and events, etc.

Student Conferences

In the series of trainings, workshops, activities, the University College of Business offers national and international conferences for its students. The activation of UCB students is continuous in organizations and explorations that aim to deepen their knowledge in various fields or disciplines addressed in each topic of these student conferences held since 2016. The year 2016 would be the starting point of this involvement of our students in a deeper research towards what was held at that time with the topic: “Young European Leadership”. In 2018, the Albanian youth was aroused by the curiosity of Albania’s negotiations towards the EU and this brought the desire of UCB students to deepen their research on the opportunities, impossibilities and challenges that await Albania during this journey. 2019- would bring to attention a phenomenon among the youth of UCB and not only, that was worrying the entire Albanian society, as it was and is that of emigration and migration of young people. With the desire of our students to discover and shed light on the causes, causes and consequences of this anomaly, UCB strongly supported this initiative. Although in a difficult year, with impossible conditions of meetings, groupings or meetings with each other, 2021 did not stop the UCB students to organize the first international conference and the fourth national one with the sensitive theme of that year such as Covid-19 and The impact of this global pandemic on every aspect of life, judicial, financial or academic. you applauded. In the academic and missionary journey in imparting knowledge, UCB is the main supporter for its students to hold conferences that the main actor in the topic is topicality.

Social - Cultural activities

The University College of Business is also known for its socio-cultural activities since its establishment. The focus is on those social activities that aim to deliver important messages such as: caring, dedication, giving, altruism, love or any other kind of spiritual feeling from students to students. Thanks to setting these goals, UCB students have found themselves close to many families who have faced poverty. They have always traveled to those distant or near destinations to knock on the doors of those families who also have physical problems. In every day and season of the year they have found time and are dedicated to every cause that hurts and affects the Albanian society. You have forgiven those you may have missed, and you have forgiven the smiles of those who also did not find it in the life that was offered to you. UCB students get together on every important day of the calendar year and on each day they have a photo memory. UCB and its students have become ‘ONE’ in every exploration of Albania’s cultural and archaeological values. They have faced and embraced every tradition with national diversity and colors, stripping and discovering every root they did not know before. They have transcended borders to understand and learn more from cultures. They have discovered every color they have trampled on every habitat they did not know yesterday. The diversity of these activities at UCB strengthens and empowers the contribution of each student by initiating awareness, responsibility and human attitudes towards the phenomena of the world around us and getting the best out of them.

Sports Activities

Sports activities at the University College of Business are essential in developing and encouraging young people to engage in extracurricular events, in other disciplines outside the doors of the UCB auditorium.UCB places emphasis on young people who excel in football, volleyball, not only appreciating and motivating them but also raising their name in the national arena as many times as we are represented for them. At the UCB premises there are various images and trophies where boys and girls have worthily represented the institution in all sports competitions at the university and national level. local ranking with other state or private universities. At UCB there are dozens of medals of participation that prove the existence and longevity of sports activities near us. The purpose of UCB through these participations is the active and full of freedom journey towards the spaces that every student has. UCB has offered, is offering and will always offer this.


The University College of Business is in its second decade of coronation of its graduates, tomorrow’s professionals in Economics, Law and the fourth generation for true professionals with a technical or administrative profile.
With over 4000 students who have believed in UCB’s mission to graduate qualified generations for tomorrow and for life. Upon completion of the first cycle study program (Bachelor), UCB students to obtain the diploma of completion of 3 academic years, undergo the process of defending a diploma thesis or independent work according to the specifications of the main units defined in the regulation UCB interior. For obtaining the diplomas of the second level of studies (Scientific & Professional Master), it is foreseen the preparation of an exam thesis or scientific work according to the legal requirements and regulations of the institution that has determined at the end of the study cycle for the student. Students of Higher Professional Studies (2 years), in order to be provided with a professional degree, undergo an examination thesis at the end of the second academic year of study after the completion of professional internships. The diplomas issued by the University College of Business are accredited and are the main passport and the most important that UCB students have with them, for life, inside and outside the borders of Albania. UCB students are aware and aware that the recognition and importance of these degrees will be a good start in their professional journey.


The University College of Business in fulfillment of its vision and strategic mission regarding the meeting point of the academic offer with the demand of the labor market, not only enables students to perform professional internships, but also after graduation offers them employment opportunities and development of their professional career. This is made possible by the collaborations that UCB has established with partners such as small and medium enterprises and large domestic and foreign companies operating within the country, professional studios, accounting offices and law firms. UCB has an interactive role with business actors in the development of professional internships, student employment, knowledge transfer and mutual exchange of experiences, to add value to Albanian higher education.
From the annual studies conducted by the Student and Career Office, it results that:
* Surveys of graduate students at the Faculty of Economics show that over 95% of graduate students are employed
* Surveys of graduate students at the Faculty of Law and Political Science show that 90% of them are employed
* Most of the students of professional programs are employed in the profession
* Over 90% of employed students work in the profession

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