Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences, from the first steps of its establishment, has clearly defined the vision, mission and main objectives of its activity. The mission, vision and objectives guide the academic planning, its implementation in practice and at the same time make it possible to concentrate all the forces of the academic staff and auxiliary workers in a common focus, in achieving a quality service both in teaching and in research-scientific work.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Bachelor / 3 Years, 180 Credits (ECTS)

Applied Software Engineering

Bachelor / 3 Years, 180 Credits (ECTS)

Electronic and Digital Engineering

Bachelor / 3 Years, 180 Credits (ECTS)

Department of Applied Informatics in Economics

Bachelor of Business Informatics

Business Informatics

Bachelor / 3 Years, 180 Credits (ECTS)

Information Technology

Bachelor / 3 vite, 180 Kredite (ECTS)

Master of Science in Informatics Science

Business Informatics

Master / 2 Years, 120 Credits (ECTS)

Teknologji Informacioni

Master / 2 Years, 120 Credits (ECTS)

E-commerce dhe inovacion

Master / 2 Years, 120 Credits (ECTS)

Contact Information for the faculty

Administration of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

Address:Gjergji Legisi, Laprake Tirane
Kolegji Universitar i Biznesit
Godina A

Contact the secretariat of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Schedule: Monday – Friday


The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences is the main unit that coordinates teaching and scientific research activities as well as professional, creative and applied activities in the field of Engineering and Computer Sciences. The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences offers study programs, which have been opened and accredited in accordance with the legal and by-laws in force.
In fulfillment of this objective, the main directions or goals of the educational, teaching and scientific activities of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences will be:

  • To educate and prepare students in the fields of engineering and computer science, in order to become;
  • To teach students, the independent reasoning to become a person who will understand, contribute and direct sustainable development in the face of the efficient use of technology as well as the role that digitization and computerization has in society in general;
  • To teach students to identify, formulate, research the literature and solve complex computer problems reaching valid conclusions, using the basic principles of mathematics, computer science and related field disciplines;
  • To enable students to design and evaluate solutions to computing problems, systems, components or processes that meet specified needs taking into account appropriate public health and safety, cultural, social and environmental issues;
  • To prepare students to create, solve, adapt and apply techniques, resources and modern computer tools suitable for computer activities, understanding the limitations they face;
  • To prepare students in the basic areas of theoretical and applied informatics, ensuring further progress in their studies;
  • To be able to acquire basic and in-depth knowledge of a wide class of techniques for solving real computer problems, about programming languages, computer systems, operating systems, databases, etc.;
  • To educate students to play an active role in the country’s economic developments and processes, giving priority to the achievement of European standards of higher education in the field of teaching and scientific research.

The objective of the study programs of the first cycle “bachelor”, of the second cycle “master of sciences”; in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences; is to develop and internationalize; with the aim that KUB; to become one of the ELITE institutions of higher education; not only in the country but also in the region and beyond; in the qualitative preparation of specialists in the fields of: computer engineering, applied software engineering, electronic and digital engineering, business informatics, information technology, e-commerce & innovation, etc.

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