Office of scientific research and projects

The University College of Business, within the framework of the development of its long-term vision and in accordance with the objectives of its international strategy, has dedicated in a special way to the internationalization of the institution, the creation of the Office of Scientific Research and Projects.

Internationalization is a key objective for the Office of Scientific Research in the University College of Business, and it is important to develop a clear and structured strategy for achieving this objective. This includes drafting cooperation agreements with other international institutions, promoting academic and student exchanges, and using technology and other resources to intensify the international impact of the Office of Scientific Research.

The mission of the Office of Scientific Research and Projects is to promote and strengthen research capabilities by increasing awareness and cooperation with public and private institutions both at the domestic and international levels. Functioning as a facilitating instrument, this Office, part of its mission, has the involvement of the academic staff, researchers and students of KUB in projects for capacity development, scientific research and various studies oriented by the developments of the local and international market, policy-making with the aim of integration of Albania in the European Union, etc. The office is responsible for the implementation of the institution’s internationalization policy, operating efficiently, effectively and quickly to changes and the need for innovation in full accordance with the value system carried by the University College of Business.

The office, while exercising its activity, aims to contribute significantly to:

The vision of the University College of Business as one of the top-level IAL’s  aiming at global thinking, cultivating cosmopolitan awareness as well as fostering a new and innovative learning culture;

The Institution’s mission is to prepare senior specialists in accordance with the developing priorities of our country as well as to create, develop, convey knowledge through teaching, scientific research and innovative and professional activities;

The objectives defined in the Internationalization Strategy 2020-2025 of the Institution through active participation in the project – national and international applications as well as promoting partnerships, promoting KUB at the local, national and international level.

The internationalization of KUB in the field of knowledge, the increase of capacities in the provision of programs at the same stage as European universities as well as in the vacant way of exchanging experiences with European universities brings a new approach in the field of higher education in Albania.

Msc.Armila XHEBRAJ

Responsible for Internationalization and Erasmus+ projects in the Office of scientific research and projects

Armila Xhebraj is a dynamic and open-minded professional, with a passion for innovation and international cooperation.

With four years of experience as Head of the Office of Scientific Research and Projects, Armila has consistently demonstrated her exceptional communication skills and unwavering commitment to collaboration.

She is known for her proactive approach to learning and her dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and industry trends. She is always available to acquire new knowledge and looks for opportunities to open new areas of cooperation with a forward-looking mentality.

Her dedication and ability to build strong relationships with international partners, fostering connections and creating opportunities for collaboration that cross borders, has led to successful partnerships and innovative projects.

Her role as Head of the Office of Scientific Research and Projects has allowed her to drive new innovations, contribute to the success of various projects and ensure that your projects will be led by someone who is not only very capable, but also really passionate. for promoting progress and achieving success.

Dr(c). Enea QOSE

Responsible for projects in the Office of scientific research and projects

PhD(c). Enea Qose is an accomplished Assistant Lecturer specializing in Management with a passion for education and a commitment to fostering intellectual growth.

He obtained his Master of Science in “Agribussines Management” from Agricultural University of Tirana. Phd(c) Enea Qose employs innovative pedagogical techniques to create a stimulating learning environment, encouraging students to actively participate in discussions and critical thinking exercises

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has also presented his work at national and international conferences, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in his field. Beyond academia, he is known for his collaborative and supportive approach.

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