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For Parents

Dear Parents and Families,
The University College of Business is a institution of higher education with private funding in our country for more than a decade that has been operating in the education of generations. University College of Business is not just the space of students, academic and administrative staff but more than that. Family members / parents are together with the graduates the first contact with KUB. They are the ones who start throwing and waiting for advice about the institution through their network, to receive and give everything and everything about study programs, curricula, to visit and touch closely our facilities and facilities, to see and hear who KUB is and believe in our mission. They are the ones who try to interpret everything that is told to you by the leaders and competent persons in the field, where the child, their friends or relatives seek to guide themselves. One more piece of advice or one more suggestion is nothing for us and our staff but a tremendous value for them, for their children tomorrow and our society the day after tomorrow. The University College of Business in the mission to educate whole generations and to give them knowledge, also bears on the shoulders the responsibility for these decision-making actors or guides, to stay stoic and cold in every step they take inside the arena KUB. The University College of Business is and will be the largest and most powerful knowledge generator in the functioning of this unbreakable relationship where family members are partners with our students, and with them and us.
Therefore, we invite you to strongly believe in the power of this knowledge generator and see and enjoy the success of your children, friends or relatives in realizing their dreams, to be worthy professionals tomorrow in the labor market and the Albanian society!





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Admission Criteria in Bachelor and Master!

In the framework of the new Law on Higher Education, registrations for the academic year 2021-2022 will be made through an online procedure by the National Examinations Agency and the portal U-Albania

During this application, graduates who want to study at our institution, must:

In the form with 10 alternatives, choose the University College of Business;
When choosing a KUB, you must also specify the Faculty as well as the branch of study in which you would like to study;
Students with an average below 6.5, can not continue their studies at KUB in Bachelor programs but can continue in 2-year Professional Programs.

Upon completion of the application and acceptance by KUB, students continuing their studies in the first cycle Bachelor, must submit the following documents:

Document certifying the completion of high school according to the requirements set by the MASR together with the list of grades.

Note: For students who have completed their studies abroad, this document must be recognized by MASR;

Photocopy of identification document (Identity Card or Passport);
Two personal photos (size 4 × 6).

For students who want to continue their studies in the second cycle Professional Master & Master of Science, must submit the following documents:

Diploma certifying the completion of studies in a first cycle program “Bachelor” or an integrated program of second cycle studies according to the requirements set by MASR;
Notarized photocopy of the Gymnasium Diploma;
Note: For students who have completed their studies abroad, this document must be recognized by MASR;
Photocopy of identification document (Identity Card or Passport);
Two personal photos (size 4 × 6).

Career Office

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS has as a main priority the production of skilled and qualified students for the labor market, their counseling, support and follow-up even after graduation.

The Career and Tutoring Office performs a range of functions closely related to providing opportunities for students during their studies to build relationships and their network of acquaintance with business and other areas of economics and law, in order to ‘was more easily integrated into the labor market.

Some of the functions of this office are:

Organizing various activities, in order to advise and orient students;
Ongoing counseling and instruction regarding the development of students’ professional careers;
Cooperation with institutions and businesses, to enable various cooperation agreements in order to carry out professional practices and study visits;
Maintaining continuous contacts with the partners of the institution, exchanging information about activities of common interest as well as the possibility of employing students;
Depending on discussions with students, this office proposes to improve and change the teaching curriculum;
Organizing trainings, workshops and employment fairs.

Study Fees

The University College of Business, with the approval of the academic offer and study fees for the academic year 2023-2024, has requested a meeting of the Board of Administration of UCB in the premises of the University College of Business in Tirana, after discussing the start of the work, admission policies of students, tuition fees policies and additional benefits related to the admissions of the academic year 2023-2024, it was decided that the academic offers of UCB for the academic year 2023-2024 are as follows.

University College of Business accepts Candidates (students) for all four Study Cycles:

  1. Year Higher Professional Studies
  2. Year Bachelor studies
  3. Studies in Professional Master and Master of Science.
  4. Year Integrated Studies in Law

UCB accepts students in the Bachelor Cycle and 5-year integrated studies with an average grade above 6.5 and in the 2-year College of Higher Professional Studies, with 5 programs and 14 profiles, for graduates who do not meet the 6.5 average grade criteria.

KUB Financial Offer for the Academic Year 2021-2022 to be as follows:

This Decision enters into force immediately. Faculties, Secretariat and the Programming and Financial Reporting Office are responsible for its implementation


The University College of Business welcomes student transfers from domestic or foreign higher education institutions, as directed by the Minister of Education. All study programs at KUB are designed in accordance with the Bologna Charter. The student interested in transferring his studies to KUB must first submit a written application at the beginning of the academic years or semester as well as bring the “Certificate of Deregistration” from the university of origin. The competent academic body then decides on the merits of the equivalences of the exams held by the courses of origin.

Other documents required for the transfer of studies are:

Document certifying the completion of high school according to the criteria set by MASR.

Note: For students who have completed their studies abroad, this document must be recognized (equivalent) by MASR;

ATTENTION: Criteria for the transfer of studies in Bachelor Programs is the average grade according to DCM no. 259 dated 10.05.2019, while in Professional Studies the average grade is not a criterion.

For any questions or ambiguities you can contact us below

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