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II National Scientific Conference

The Professional Business Academy held the Environmental Conference on the topic: “Environmental Protection and Management

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On Friday, April 22, 2016, the Professional Business Academy held the IV International Scientific Conference “REFORMS IN ECONOMY AND JUSTICE, CONDITIONS AND CHALLENGE FOR ALBANIA’S EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE“. The main objective of the conference was not only to create and ensure an academic and professional approach but also to stimulate discussion on the most important developments today with a focus on economics and justice on the interests, goals, programs, political and governing objectives of our country. with a view to full accession to the European Union.

In this conference we were honored with the participation of many special guests, starting from Deputy. Minister of Education and Sports Mr. Redi SHTINO, our academic partners from Great Britain MA (hons) Andy Zdan-Michajlowicz and Mr. Quentin Crowe, representatives from the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, from Titan Antea Cement, senior representatives and lecturers from universities in the country, representatives from the accredited embassies in Tirana, as well as from institutions and entities of public and private administration.

In the Plenary session of the conference which was held in the premises of the Professional Academy of Business, greeted the opening of works: Prof.As. Dr. Ylber Bezo President of APB; Prof. Dr. Irakli Kocollari Rector of APB; Mr. Redi Shtino Deputy. Minister of Education and Sports; Mrs. Flutura Xhabija, President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Albania. In this session several lectures were held: Prof. Dr. Irakli Koçollari – “National Bureau of Investigation – A vague structure in the face of clearly operating corruption”; Prof. Quentin Crow – “The importance of marketing in a global economy” and Prof. Andy Zdan-Michajlowicz – “Some theoretical and practical aspects on branding and brand management” etc.

Afterwards, the conference proceedings in the two sections, namely the Faculty of Economics and Law, continued near the premises of the Academy, where numerous references from foreign and local professors emphasized the importance of experiences, models and proposals presented regarding the reforms. in economy and justice, within the integration processes of our country in the EU.

Everything was completed to the highest possible standard and standard thanks to the work and dedication of the Academic staff of the Academy from the management levels, academics, student government and our students, to the support staff for the tireless and invaluable work they gave for this very important event for the Professional Business Academy.

Note: Based on the Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports No. 39, dated 30.01.2018, the Institution Professional Business Academy has changed its legal status by becoming a UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS.

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