The role of scientific Research in territory, innovation and community development

Organized by:

Supporting partners of the 10th International Conference of the UCB are:

The aim of the Conference

University College of Business is organizing the 10th International Conference titled: “The role of scientific Research in territory, innovation and community development” through the contribution of its three main units: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and the College of Higher Professional Studies.

The collaboration between faculties emphasizes the institution’s commitment to promote an interdisciplinary approach in addressing important social issues. This year’s event aims to explore the dynamic interaction between scientific research, community and territorial application, innovation, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperative efforts to address global challenges and maximize social impact.

Through discussions, sharing of best practices, and the creation of meaningful partnerships, this event seeks to inspire actionable strategies that harness the collective power of research, community engagement, and innovation to address urgent social needs and promote sustainable progress at both local and regional levels.

Supporting partners of the 10th International Conference of the UCB are:

  • Institute for Business Studies and Applications (ISAB), Albania
  • Ljubljana School of Business (VSPV), Slovenia
  • Zagreb School of Business (PVZG), Croatia
  • University of Applied Sciences (UTENA), Lithuania
  • International University of Struga (IUST), North Macedonia
  • CO-HOST, Erasmus +


All participating papers in the Conference will be published in the next issue of the indexed Book of Proceedings with ISBN, and the best evaluated papers by the Scientific Board will be published in the next issue of the “Scientific Journal of Professional Studies (SJPS)” with ISBN and ISSN.

The official languages of the Conference will be English and Albanian.

The Conference will be held online on June 21, 2024. The UCB staff will participate in the Conference Hall located within the premises of the University College of Business.

Conference Themes

In order to organize the parallel plenary sessions as best as possible, we will guide the division of presentation papers in this conference according to the following areas:




Professional Technical Studies




The themes above will serve as guiding themes for papers at the Conference but are not limited.


  • The mission, role, and contribution of higher education and scientific research in the governance of a country;

  • Trends in academic and practical research;

  • The role of the community and its impact on society;

  • Development perspectives, intensity of student and professional mobility, towards the West and vice versa, a strong experience and indicator for the adaptation of study programs.

  • Reforms in Education;


  • The intervention of regional geopolitics on democratic parameters

  • Current challenges of the judicial system in Albania

  • The role of the judicial system during the transition period

  • The perspective of legal and political sciences in this development trend.

  •  Legal and financial rights;

  • The jurisdiction of a country’s development and the indication of developed countries.

  • The economic perception of development, the necessity for the theoretical basis of development.


  •  Sustainable Tourism Development:

  • Community-based tourism initiatives:

  • Destination management and planning:
    The impact of tourism on local regional economies, employment, and infrastructure development.

Professional Technical Studies in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and more:

  • Renewable Energy;

  • Robotic Process Automation;

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering;

  • Education and Information Technology;

  • Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Teaching Methods;

  • Educational Infrastructure, Basis for Continuity and Development.

Economic Studies in Finance – Banking, Accounting, Management, Marketing:

1.     Digitalization for Economic Growth and New Business Startups

2.     Corruption and its Role to Economic Development

3.     Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support

4.     Ecosystems for Startups

5.     Business Information Systems

6.     E-Commerce

7.     The Role of Digitalization in Education

8.     Global Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Presentation of Papers and Discussions

The conference will be held in plenary sessions and in separate panels. Each participant will have 15-20 minutes to present their paper and conclusions. Participants (authors) are required to present their own papers during the panel sessions.

For questions or information regarding the conference, please contact us at the address below:

Guidelines for Abstracts

The abstract should not exceed 200-250 words and clearly indicate the purpose, methodology, and conclusions of the paper. Authors may specify the conference topic to which their paper is about and provide 4-5 keywords. Please provide your name, title or degree, full address, affiliation, and conference topic. Abstracts should be submitted via email to the address below.

Important Dates

  • 22 May 2024

    Deadline for abstract submission

  • 29 May 2024

    Notification deadline for abstract acceptance

  • 05 June 2024

    Deadline for full paper submission

  • 05 June 2024

    Deadline for payment completion and submission of the mandate of payment

  • 21 June 2024

    Conference day

Guideline for Papers

Guidelines for Abstracts

Guidelines for Journal

Organizational Committee

Name, Surname
Role in Committee
Ardi Bezo
Ismet Voka
Ariet Malaj
Matilda Meta
Andi Mehmeti
Eni Danaj
Erjola Shehu

Scientific Committee

1Prof. Dr. Ylber BEZORektor, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëKryetar
2Prof. Dr. Leandro HAXHIDekan, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
3Prof. As. Dr. Simon GEGADrejtues i Kolegjit të Studimeve të Lartë Profesionale, UCBTiranëAnëtar
4Dr. Ardi BEZODrejtor Ekzekutiv i UCBTiranëAnëtar
5Prof. As. Dr. Edit BREGUDekan, Fakulteti i Drejtësisë dhe Shkencave Politike, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
6Prof. Asoc, Shpëtim CamiSekretar i Përgjithshëm, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
7Dr. Matilda Gjoni (Meta)Prodekane, Fakulteti i Drejtësisë dhe Shkencave Politike, UCBTiranëAnëtare
8Dr. Jaup ZENUNIKolegji i Studimeve të Lartë Profesionale, UCBTiranëAnëtar
9Prof. As. Rezar DIBRAKolegji Universitar i Biznesit, TiranëTiranëAnëtar
10Dr. Milena FORNAZARIČShkolla e Biznesit në LubjanëSlloveniAnëtare
11Dr. Lidija WEISShkolla e Biznesit në LubjanëSlloveniAnëtare
12Dr. Ivan TOROŠShkolla e Biznesit në LubjanëSlloveniAnëtar
13Dr. Katarina Aškerc ZADRAVECShkolla e Biznesit në LubjanëSlloveniAnëtare
14Dr. Grmuša TANJAShkolla e Biznesit në ZagrebKroaciAnëtare
15Neven ŠIPIĆShkolla e Biznesit në ZagrebKroaciAnëtar
16Dr. Andi MEHMETIKolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
17Dr. Mira ANDONIKolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
18Prof. Dr. Ingrid SHULIFakulteti i Ekonomisë, Universiteti i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
19Prof. As. Dr. Fran BRAHIMIMinistria e FinancaveTiranëAnëtar
20Prof. As. Dr. Kujtim DULEFakulteti i Shkencave të Natyrës, Universiteti i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
21Prof. Dr. Flutura KALEMIUniversiteti Bujqësor i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
22Prof. As. Dr. Kujtim KAPLLANIKolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
23Prof. Dr. Myslym OSMANIUniversiteti Bujqësor i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
24Prof. Dr. Vjollca BAKIUFakulteti Ekonomik, Universiteti i TiranësTiranëAnëtare
25Prof. As. Dr. Ina PAGRIAUniversiteti Bujqësor i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
26Prof. Dr. Remzi KECOUniversiteti Bujqësor i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
27Dr. Lorena BEZO (BALILI)Fakulteti i Ekonomisë, Universiteti i TiranësTiranëAnëtar
28Dr. Irsida DINOSHIFakulteti Ekonomik, UCBTiranëAnëtare
29Dr. Elsa HAXHAFakulteti i Drejtësisë dhe Shkencave Politike, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
30Dr. Ariet MALAJKolegji Universitar i Biznesit, TiranëTiranëAnëtar
31Dr. Enis FITAFakulteti Ekonomik, Kolegji Universitar i BiznesitTiranëAnëtar
32Prof. Univ. Dr. Andra SECELEANUProrektor i Universitetit Andrei SagunaRumaniAnëtar
33Prof. Univ. Dr. Aurel PAPARIPresident i Universitetit Andrei SagunaRumaniAnëtar
34Dr. oec., Prof. Stanislav BUKABaltic International AcademyLituaniAnëtar
35Dr. psik., Prof. Irina PLOTKAAkademia Ndërkombëtare BaltikeLituaniAnëtare
36Dr. iur., Prof. As. Tatyana YURKEVICHAkademia Ndërkombëtare BaltikeLituaniAnëtar
37Dr. Ismail ALIUMinistria e Arsimit dhe Shkencës e Maqedonisë së VeriutMaqedoni e VeriutAnëtar
38Dr. Vaida BARTKUTĖDekane e Fakultetit të Biznesit dhe Teknologjive, Universiteti I Shkencave tëLituaniAnëtare
39Prof. Dr. Virginia ZHELYAZKOVAProrektore për Arsim dhe Menaxhim cilësor, VUZFBullgariAnëtare
40Asoc. Prof. Dr. Krassimit TODROVDekan i Programit Akademik, VUZFBullgariAnëtar
41Asoc. Prof. Dr. Radostin VAZOVProrektor për Projekte Evropiane dhe Edukim në Vazhdim, VUZFBullgariAnëtar
42Prof. Univ. Dr. Nicu PANEAZv Rektor për Marrëdhëniet Ndërkombëtare dhe Imazh Akademik,RumaniAnëtar
43Prof. Univ. Dr. Viorel GAINAFakulteti i Drejtësisë, Universiteti i KrajovësRumaniAnëtar
44Bledar ILIA, PhDQendra e Trajnimit, Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Burgjeve, Ministria e DrejtësisëShqipëriAnëtar

Tariff and other details

The conference is free only for papers presented by members of the organizing institution and collaborating partners.

  • €50 for early registration to attend the conference until or before May 5, 2024.
  • €50 for doctoral students and virtual presentations (online sessions).
  • €70 for other conference participants with individual paper/co-authorship.

The fee includes a Certificate of Participation (online), a copy of the Book of Proceedings (online), a copy of the International Scientific Journal (online ISSN).

Contacts and Payment Details

For questions or information related to the conference, please contact us at the following address:

The conference fee should be transferred to the following bank account:

Account Holder: University College of Business

IBAN: AL38202110680000000000782125 (ALL) – for transactions in ALL

IBAN: AL85202110680000000001782125 (EURO) – for transactions in EURO

The venue of the conference

Vendi i zhvillimit të konferencës

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