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The Professional Business Academy held the Environmental Conference on the topic: “Environmental Protection and Management

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Kerkimi i postimeve do te funksionoje vetem kur ju te vendosni minimalja 5 karaktere per rezultatin qe keni kerkuar.

On June 14, 2013, APB held the 1st International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Developments, Challenges and Perspectives”, which was attended by senior figures in the field of justice and economics. Foreign professors from the University of Craiova Romania, the University of Bologna Italy, the University of Athens Greece, as well as APB professors, referred and demonstrated a high level of scientific professionalism. In this conference we were honored with his participation by the Consul of the State of Israel Mr. Abraham Lev Louis.

The conference presented 32 scientific papers of study, analytical and empirical character, including 5 posters, selected and approved by a scientific board with prominent local and foreign academic members. The conference was greeted by a special guest, Mr. Florion MIMA – Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, who in his speech stressed that nothing moves forward without in-depth academic thinking and the importance of identifying a potential sector in development of the economy, drafting support policies to support them and creating a favorable climate for attracting foreign direct investment in our country.

Then part of the greetings were also prominent foreign professors and academics participating in this event, such as: Prof. Dr. Julian NEDELCU – University of Craiova, (Romania), Prof. Massimo BIANCHI – University of Bologna, (Italy) and Prof. Dr. Ionel BUSE. At the end of the conference she successfully closed her work where her work was published in the Proceedings Book.

Note: Based on the Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports No. 39, dated 30.01.2018, the Institution Professional Business Academy has changed its legal status by becoming a UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS.

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