5th National Student Scientific Conference


Lajmet më të fundit

Kërko postime

Kërkimi i postimeve do të funksionojë vetëm kur ju të vendosni minimalisht 5 karaktere për rezultatin që keni kërkuar.


The University College of Business in cooperation with other local HEIs, organizes the 5th National Student Conference entitled: “Economic and Juridical-Social Development in Albania during the last 10 years”

 Important Dates:

 May 24 – Submission Deadline/ Abstract

 June 2 – Submission Deadline/ Final Paper

 June 3-4 – Agenda and details of the Conference

 June 5 – Presentation

The conference will take place on Monday, June 5, 2023 at the Conference Hall of the University College of Business as well as through the Zoom Meeting platform for all those participants who cannot appear physically.

All participants will be provided with a Certificate of Participation

The language used in the conference will be in Albanian and English

Find more information at the link below:

Address: Near the former “Shqiponja” square, Rr. Gjergj Legisi, no. 24, Laprakë, Tirana.

+355 69 88 99 999

[email protected]


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