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Call for scholarships for students under the Erasmus + Program for the KA1 International Credit Mobility component at the University of Cadiz, Spain.
 The University College of Business in collaboration with the University of Cadiz, Spain, within the Erasmus + Program for the KA1 component, invites KUB students in the second year and in the third year (Bachelor) Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law, to apply  to receive a scholarship, for a period of 4 months at the University of Cadiz in Spain, for the academic year 2022 – 2023.
 At the end of the mobility students will continue their studies at their home university at the University College of Business.  They will not pay any tuition fees at the host university (University of Cadiz), but will continue to pay the fees applicable at their home university (KUB).
 Number of study scholarships:
 1 (one) scholarship
 Scholarship opportunities are the Autumn Semester 2022 – 2023 according to a Program scheduled by the University of Cadiz.
 Selection criteria: (according to importance)
 Academic merit, average grade of studies completed so far over 8.5
 Possess good knowledge of Spanish language at least equivalent to level B1 as the everyday language spoken during the study period will be developed in Spanish.
 The University of Cadiz can conduct a via-Skype interview with you to assess your knowledge of a foreign language.
 The required documents in this first stage of expression of interest for the application are:
 Motivation letter
 Student Mobility Agreement for conducting studies [1].  (this Agreement will be completed in the second phase only by the selected winning students)
 To your attention:
 For more information about the mobility scheme and how to apply and the student guide click:
 The Regulation on the Implementation of Inter-Institutional Agreements under the Erasmus + KA107 International Credit Mobility Program applies to the selection of students.
 The Application Form for expression of interest should be submitted to the e-mail address: [email protected] – Institutional Coordinator in the Office of Scientific Research and Projects for the Erasmus + ICM Program.
 The documentation must be submitted by 10/04/2022.
 Winning candidates will be notified at their email address.
 Applicant candidates have the right to appeal against the decision of the ad-hoc commission to the Rector within 5 days of receiving notice.
 In the second phase, before the start of the mobility, the winning candidates fill in a document called the Learning Agreement (Agreement to be made between the student applying and the university of origin, which predetermines the courses with respective credits according to the minimum number of credits for the student  will attend during the semester at the host university, which will be recognized at the end of it and following the studies at the university of origin).
 ATTENTION: The student must choose those courses at the host university, which he would attend at KUB during the semester that mobility will be carried out.  Students applying for mobility take over the portion of the unsecured credits due to differences in study programs between KUB and the host university.
 For more information about the mobility scheme and how to apply, contact the e-mail address: [email protected].
 To complete the registration process, please download and complete
 Student Application Form -UC
 University College of Business Wishes You Success!

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