RiskMan Project

This project is supported by the European Union program Erasmus + CBHE 2020.

The main goal of the project is to promote the education of interested parties and higher education, in the field of risk assessment of non-native species and to stimulate research and cooperation in the management of non-native species in the Western Balkans Region.

Throughout 2022, in the meetings held between partners (online and physically), the focus of its implementation has been mainly:

Development of an adapted course for unemployed youth – through the preparation and development of course materials adapted to the nature of the project; the organization of trainings with the partner countries of the project; the drafting of the policy framework for the creation of a new profession such as “Risk Manager”.

Quality control – with the aim of effective project management and timely and effective performance of the activities planned in the project. A Quality Committee has been established for the implementation of this work package.

Distribution activities of project activities – in which all partners are individually engaged. The role of this work package is to connect the project with key stakeholders, engage society, raise public awareness and promote higher education capacity practices towards an educated community on non-native species. Also prepare and distribute all project products.


The University College of Business is a partner of the consortium of 13 winning partners of the Joint Project “Educational Capacity Strengthening for Risk Management of Non-native Aquatic Species in Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) / RiskMan”.


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