Gradua Project

Graduates Advancement and Development of University capacities in Albania (GRADUA)

The goal of the GRADUA project is to create concrete synergies between the University and the labor market by providing a unified instrument available to both beneficiaries for evaluating graduates, educational system performances and providing innovative recruitment tools. This unified tool consists of an innovative IT platform, which will track graduates and their employment in support of higher education policy-making and reform. The platform is an integrated and certified supply/demand matching model based on the online database of Albanian graduates. GRADUA is financed within the Erasmus + program, and is coordinated by the Agricultural University of Tirana. The project started in 2017 and has a duration of 3 years.


The year 2021 also marked the year of completion of this project, where in September 2021 the last closing conference was organized with its results as well as the role that the partners will continue to have in the application of the GRADUA platform.


Gradua Project

The GRADUA project, part of the Erasmus + program and coordinated by the Agricultural University

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