The Center “Institute for Business Studies and Applications” (ISAB) with NGO status is registered with Decision No. 916, dated 31.07.2014 at the Tirana Judicial District Court and is part of the organizational structure of the Institution of Non-Public Higher Education University College ” Of Business ”. ISAB aims to support the activity of the academic staff and students of UCB for the realization of study, research – scientific work, for projects related to the realization of economic, legal, statistical analysis, professional surveys of various indicators related to the above areas in the process of education and academic studies, training, scientific publications and complete academic, scientific and / or professional analysis. ISAB’s mission is to prepare and implement the conditions to provide Lifelong Education, to specialists, experts and professionals in the fields of business, finance, accounting, etc. In these years of its activity, ISAB has paid attention to the preparation of training programs for further professional qualifications of all interested parties who follow the processes of obtaining Professional Titles; has also paid attention to conducting in-depth studies, professional business analysis. ISAB has also focused on engaging in projects in partnership with UCB and / or other HEIs / NGOs, in international project programs that support the development of Institutions that are part of the field of education, with the aim that the Institute through projects that implements to serve the growth and empowerment of Albanian society, economy, business and beyond.


Objectives that ISAB aims to achieve:

  •  To provide non-profit services, specialized in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, law, professional studies, etc., relying on modern information and communication technologies;
  • To present a high scientific profile in analysis and studies, through the commitment of its best capacities, as well as by collaborating with a staff of local / foreign experts
  • To develop professional culture for specialists in various fields who are interested in knowing international standards, best practices of the west, for modern knowledge in the disciplines of economics, finance, accounting, investment and markets, law, professional studies, statistical analysis, as well as in increasing the capacities of human capital, IT products specialized in these fields, etc .;
  • To offer partnership in the organization of joint Scientific Conferences with local / foreign HEIs, in order to publish the innovations it brings through works, studies, analyzes in each field it covers;
  • To be developed through capacity building in the staff of local and foreign experts, as well as in the expansion of the portfolio of training programs it offers for high professional qualifications (continuous). ETC.

ISAB in the package of qualification training programs it offers has had a close cooperation with the Approved Accounting Association enabling the design and development of a qualification training program for all graduate students, economists, accounting professionals attending professional qualification training to increase the quality of practicing their profession and obtaining titles such as: Certified Public Accountant and / or Accounting Expert. ISAB has established a network of well-known experts in the fields of accounting and finance, MRS / IAS and Financial Reporting, financial regulation, academia, experienced experts in the local and regional insurance market or with experience in well-regulated markets, lawyers with experience in the field of financial regulation and good knowledge of commercial legislation and civil code, as well as experienced experts in the fields of personal data protection and prevention of money laundering. He has always valued and believed in the human capacity with which he cooperates. ISAB has made efforts to integrate in the field of international projects, by providing its expertise in designing training programs, professional, curricula of study programs in each study cycle, etc., but is not yet part of any project implementation.


Institute for Business Studies and Applications

Address: Rruga Vangjel Noti, Tirana
University College of Business
Godina A

Contact of secretariac


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