Welcoming speech by the European Parliament on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the University College of Business of the first Albanian MEP Mrs. Arba KOKALARI


At the Gala evening of the 10th anniversary of the University College of Business, in addition to messages and congratulations from the leaders of KUB, academic staff, collaborators and partners of KUB, students over the years, an extraordinary greeting came from the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT by the first MEP with Albanian origin Mrs. Arba Kokalari.
According to her, ‘Education is power’ and the investment that Albania is making and especially the University College of Business with Erasmus + projects is very important towards the internationalization of higher education institutions. “Students coming out of the doors of the University College of Business are prepared to represent us in Europe,” she said. Kokalari. Happy and excited that her greeting speech was addressed to the College, President Professor Ylber Bezo, founders, Leaders and academic staff for the tireless work for a quality education for the generations of students who have completed their studies and for those who will come .


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