The International University Tournament 2024 Starts in the City of Korçë


The Albanian University Sports Federation organized the International University Tournament 2024 in the city of Korçë.

The tournament includes participation from the University College of Business, Fan S. Noli University Korçë, the Academy of the Armed Forces of Albania from Albania, UKSHIN HOTI University and Hasan Prishtina University from Kosovo, and Mother Teresa University from North Macedonia, in three disciplines: men’s futsal, men’s basketball, and women’s volleyball.

The boys from the University College of Business have won both of their first matches in this tournament by defeating the boys from the Academy of the Armed Forces of Albania and the boys from the University of Hasan Prishtina in Kosovo, securing their place in the final which will be held tomorrow at 10:30 in Korçë

Best of luck to the boys of UCB! ❕


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