The “International Scientific Conference” organized by the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, UCB


The “International Relations” Department at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University College of Business successfully held today the International Scientific Conference on the theme “Albania  in International Relations 1991-2023”.

 In collaboration with foreign and domestic partner institutions, the conference provided a common platform for presenting the research findings of numerous scientific papers that reflected the key dynamics of developments up to the present day in the international field, history, justice, etc.

 The papers were numerous and were divided into two plenary sessions, where foreign participants joined through the ZOOM platform, and presentations in the UCB premises included the International University of Struga, the Director of the Archive of the Ministry of Defense Prof. Assoc. Dr. Teki Kurti, etc.

Scientific research at UCB plays a crucial role in academic development and beyond. It is one of the key indicators for which figures and assessments from outside speak for themselves.


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