Memorandum Between WEBSTER UNIVERSITY and the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS for a “Dual Diploma”



As part of internationalization, the Memorandum between WEBSTER UNIVERSITY and the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS for a “Dual Diploma” resulted in great success after an intense period of exchanging “know-how,” studying, and recognizing our curricula in the study program.

This memorandum was signed by representatives of both institutions and marked a significant achievement that has finally been realized. It should be emphasized that this agreement is more than just a memorandum; it offers every UCB student who completes a 3-year bachelor’s cycle at UCB the opportunity to have almost all their modules recognized. The remaining requirements to complete the courses and credits of the 4-year American Diploma system can be fulfilled at the Webster University campus in Athens.

Undoubtedly, this agreement is a unique and highly valuable opportunity for all Albanians living in and outside Albania who seek quality education and an international diploma. They can achieve this through studies at the University College of Business, which provides every UCB and Webster University student with employment opportunities with these diplomas both in Albania and around the world!


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