At UCB Campus was held the open lecture by the well-known moderator and presenter, Mr. Sebastian Zonja on the topic: “Media and its relationship with citizens”


Mr. Zonja emphasis the self-censorship and the fake news that, according to him, is also present in the Albanian media.

Other topics addressed with the students and academic staff of UCB was:

  1. Media funding,
  2. The influence of the Italian model where he brought Berlusconi’s model to the Albanian media as an example,
  3. The phenomenon of media corporatization and
  4. Educational role of the media or what percentage is business.

The conversation between the students, the academic staff and Mr. Zoja was fruitful and interactive.

According to him: “The show and the scoop are hiding the reality, so a little more seriousness and some humor improves the situation we are in”


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