Registrations for the mandatory training program of the candidtates who needed to be licensed by Ministry of Justice for “REAL ESTATE BROKER” have begun.


Lajmet më të fundit

Kërko postime

Kërkimi i postimeve do të funksionojë vetëm kur ju të vendosni minimalisht 5 karaktere për rezultatin që keni kërkuar.


The content of the training will be according to the following modules: 

 ▶️ Legal regime and real estate legislation; Knowledge about civil and commercial law; 

 ▶️ Contract Drafting; 

 ▶️ Criminal offenses against real estate, organized crime and money laundering; 

 ▶️ Tax legislation; 

▶️ The basic principles of property evaluation, their management and maintenance; 

 ▶️ Professional ethics, mediation and free professions; 

 ▶️ Negotiation and communication in real estate; 

▶️ Marketing and sales.

📍University College of Business is a Higher Education Institution which has been accepted and approved by the Ministry of Justice in Republic of Albania to offer this training! 

👨‍🏫👩‍🏫The trainers of this training are a combination of UCB Lecturers and some of the best experts in the field of our country.

🏃Hurry to reserve your place!

 🔵 For further information, call: 📲 +355 68 38 60 377 or go to the website:

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