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What is the Law Clinic

A legal clinic can be valuable work experience.

A law clinic, also called a school law clinic or law clinic, is a program organized through the law school that allows students to obtain legal credit from the school when working part-time in real (not simulated) service atmospheres. legal.

In law clinics, students perform different tasks just as a lawyer would do in the same job position, such as legal research, drafting information and other legal documents, and interviewing clients.

Many jurisdictions allow students to appear in court on behalf of clients, even in criminal defense. Most law clinics are only open to third-year law students, although some schools may also offer opportunities for second-year students. Legal clinics are generally pro bono, viz. , Provide free legal services to clients and are supervised by law professors. There is usually no class component in legal clinics. Attending a legal clinic is a great way for students to gain hands-on experience before heading into the job market.

Law Clinic at UCB

Based on Law No. 80/2015 dated 22.07.2015, “On higher education and scientific research in institutions of higher education in the Republic of Albania”, Article 39 “Rector”, Statute of the University College of Business article 25 point j,

I order:

1- Establishment and functioning at the University College of Business, of the “Law Clinic” as a legal consultative structure for the community and for anyone who needs free legal support.
2- The law clinic is established and operates at the Faculty of Law under the direction and responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty.
3- The organizational structure, mission and its responsibilities are defined in the letter attached to this order.
4- The Head of the Law Clinic organizes the work and activity respecting the teaching process, as well as maximally engages the students in performing professional practice, especially those of the second cycle program “Master of Science”.
5- The head of the department of “Public Law” is responsible for coordinating and addressing each request, to provide expertise from professors in the relevant field.
6- The director of the “Law Clinic” in visible environments but also in cooperation with the public communication office makes the publication of the activity and the respective schedule of the legal consultation.
7- The Dean of the Faculty, the heads of the departments and every lecturer engaged in fulfilling the responsibility of the “Law Clinic” are responsible for the implementation of this order.
8- The summer administration board makes available the support required for the fulfillment of the mission of the “Law Clinic”.
This Order Enters Into Force Immediately!

Law Clinic at UCB

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