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The University College of Business (UCB) that is in its establishment is the one of next year, to equip them with contemporary knowledge and knowledge that is for their advancement in work and / or professional and professional work as citizens worthy. of the society in which we live.
In general, in this philosophy, UCB as an educational institution, is what it should form not only with the necessary knowledge, but also with knowledge, aiming at sustainable professional formation and flexibility, at the beginning of the development and the contemporary tendency to show. labor and the evolution of professions.
consistently, in the age of social networking, the connection with graduate students does not stop with this. The University College of Business is clear that a strong and positive world with alumni will benefit not only UCB but also themselves in the context of their lifelong education. Likewise their graduate community has found that it is not just a nostalgia of the subjects they associate with their university, but it is far beyond that. UCB has a role among the actors with the business in the development of professional internships, student employment, transfer of knowledge of the exchange of mutual experiences, to give a value to the Albanian higher education. Through studies which are true from the Alumni office that do not make many proud as follows:
• From the surveys of graduate students at the Faculty of Economics during the years 2012-2020) it is learned that over 95% of graduate students are employed.
• From the surveys of graduate students at the Faculty of Law during the period 2012-2020, 90% of them are employed.

• Most vocational program students are working in the profession
• Over 90% of students employed in the profession.

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